Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Know Everything About Toyota Prius Lineup

At the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, Toyota apparent two all fresh Toyota Prius cars.
One is alleged the Toyota Prius C.
The added is alleged the Toyota Prius V.
According to a account absolution from Toyota, some anatomy of the Toyota Prius C will hit the bazaar ancient in 2012.
To advice you get a aftertaste for what is in store, actuality is what you charge to apperceive about the Toyota Prius C and the Prius V.
Stands For Burghal The Toyota Prius C will be a burghal car for a adolescent bearing of drivers.
It will be the third car in the Prius amalgam family.
It will accompany the Prius (third generation) and the Prius V.
The exoteric of the agent has a agnate administration to the accepted third bearing Prius.
Stands For Versatility The Prius V will be a larger, ancestors aggressive vehicle.

According to the Toyota account release, the Prius V will accept added leg allowance than the accepted third bearing of Prius cars. It will additionally affection 34. 3 cubic anxiety of burden amplitude abaft the rear seats.
The exoteric of the agent would absorb the accepted Prius triangular shape.
According to the Toyota account absolution the Prius V would accept the afterward specifications: Length: 181. 7 Width: 69. 9 Height: 62. 0 Wheelbase: 109. 4 Wheels: 16-inch alloy, 17-inch acquiesce (optional) Engine: 1. 8-liter four-cylinder Horsepower: 98 hp Drive System: Front caster drive Battery: Nickel metal hydride Most importantly, the Prius V would appearance 42 afar per gallon for burghal active and 38 afar per gallon for artery driving.

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