Friday, August 17, 2012

Toyota Prius Problems

Toyota Prius

Braking issues
The Toyota Prius received widespread criticism in early 2010 owing to a recall posted relating to issues with the braking capabilities of the vehicle. s Anti-Lock brake. The recall targeted on a haul wherever customers didn't feel the anti-lock brake was reacting properly to the conditions. Toyota issued a voluntary recall in February 2010 of over 133,000 2010 Prius vehicles to correct the matter. A package update was performed by Toyota service centers on all vehicles delivered to dealerships as a results of the recall.

Battery issues
The Toyota Prius hybrid is heavily dependent upon 2 batteries to reduce its use of its conventional fuel engine: one smaller battery to begin the automobile and a bigger battery to produce power to stay the automobile going at cruising speeds. One major downside encountered in earlier models of Prius vehicles was that the battery wouldn't hold a charge for an extended period of time. This downside created disturbance for a few customers and created a stir of tilt once the la Times wrote a serious article regarding the difficulty. the matter according by the la Times was corrected by Toyota by exchange the smaller starter battery.

Acceleration issues
Toyota issued a recall in october 2009 on sure 2004 to 2010 Prius vehicles owing to a serious acceleration downside. Customers had contacted Toyota regarding abrupt acceleration by their Prius vehicle that in some instances caused crashes. the matter was known by a mix of poor gas pedal style and floor mats that didn't work properly. The gas pedal, in sure instances, became stuck on the floor mats that caused the car to unexpectedly accelerate. Toyota corrected the matter by exchange the gas pedal with a replacement style and exchange the floor mats with mats that were additional appropriate for the world within which they were placed.

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